Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WIP - Chunky Book

The book is now totally covered in paint. It took a little to get to what I wanted. I first painted it in the 4 colors I had chosen: Canary Yellow, Caribbean, Leaf Green and Plum Kiss. But then I didnt like it much. So I lightly covered everything with the Caribbean color. Let some of the other colors show through along with a little of the ephemera. Then I added a little Bright Magenta, Baby Pink, Citrus Green and Sunflower Yellow to the edges. Wiped, added, wiped and added some more. When that was all dry I applied a watered down mix of Black, Bright Blue, and Bright Red (dark violet) to the edges using just my finger and a rag. I had not planned on spraying it with a fixative cause I really thought the paints would hold up, especially since I prepped with Gesso first. But the paint seems to continue to chip on the edges so I decided to just spray lightly with a fixative. I dont really mind the chipping so much, but thought I would try to stop it before it got seriously bad. So far so good. So the shiny parts on the book is the fixative.

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1 comment:

Erik said...

Coming along very nicely. Can't wait to see the finished product.