Friday, July 20, 2012

Punchinella Hearts and Pack 08 for Less.

Pack 08 - For Less - This download includes 20 doodle flower elements.

In the download you will find all 20 doodle flowers made from handpainted paper. They are saved as individual png's.
These are great both as printed journal fodder, or for digital pages, blended into the background.

This pack also includes 3 printable collage sheets. Saved as jpg's. Wonderful for printing. On these collage sheets I have resized the doodle flowers for more convenient printing (smaller), but you can of course always choose to print the individual elements at full size.

Punchinella Hearts - This pack includes 12 messy punchinella elements. Each element is saved as it's own png file for ease of use in any graphics software.
Each element is in both black and white, giving you a total of 24 elements.

These elements are awesome for background blending and fillers. You should easily be able to make it into brushes in your graphics software if you please (you are allowed to make them in to brushes and tubes for your own personal use only). Or you can use as is, with various blending methods and re-coloring.

Each element is saved at 300dpi.

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