Friday, July 20, 2012

Simple Bits #1 & #2

Simple Bits #1 - A fun new collection! This first set consists of tape, journaling cards and number flags. You can use this for both digital and for printing for art journal pages, calendars, smash books, and even scrapbook pages.
Very versatile and a lot of fun!

In this pack you will find:

11 number flags (1-10 and a blank). These are great for your lists, page markers, etc.

4 journaling cards. #1 is 985x1540 pixels, #2 is 1156x1684 pixels, #3 is 1115x2276, and #4 is1352x1981 pixels, leaving you with plenty of space to do your journaling, your lists, your calendar bits, etc.

7 pieces of tape. These pieces of tape are made to look like Japanese Washi tape, and has a slight transparency, but will still look great printed to use in your hands-on journals, smash books/journals, or on your scrapbook pages.

Everything is saved at 300 dpi.

Simple Bits #2 - this set includes everything you need to date your journals, smash books, altered art pages, scrapbook pages, homemade day planners, etc.
In this pack you will find:

4 Calendar Strips. 28 days is 3372x528 pixels, 29 days is 3402x528 pixels, 30 days is 3422x528 pixels, and 31 days is 3572x528 pixels. Awesome for your homemade day planners, or smash journals.

9 Calendar Markers. 3 black, 3 white, and 3 colored. These would work great to mark dates on the above Calendar Strips.

31 Number Buttons. Numbers 1 through 31. Looks a little like the keys on an old typewriter.

7 Day Tags. Monday through Sunday. The tags are 1100x375 pixels.

12 Month Tags. January through December. The tags are 1100x375 pixels.

3 Year Tags. 2011, 2012, and 2013. The tags are 797x375 pixels.

Everything is saved at 300 dpi.
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