Friday, August 24, 2012

{NEW} at TwistedScrapper 8/24

Pack 12 - includes 8 art journal backgrounds. 4 handpainted and 4 are clean-up wipes. The 4 hand-painted were actually used previously in an Altered Junk pack. They were then saved as 12x12 papers. In this pack I have them saved as 8x10.5 which means you also get the plain harlequin print from the other end of the background. The other 4 are clean-up wipes. I love using these when I paint cause when scanned they are perfect for backgrounds.

All 8 are saved as JPG's at 300dpi. They are 8x10.5 inches.

Digitally you can use these as backgrounds for your art journalpages, cut them to pieces and use for edges. Or blend with your own backgrounds to give texture and depth to your pages.
You can also print them and use them as your base for your page, or tear or cut them to use as elements or to give a little extra texture.

Pack 13 - This pack includes a set of date markers for your art journals, smash books, or scrapbooks.
It has:
Years (2011,2012, and 2013)
Months (January through December)
Days (Monday through Sunday)
Numbers (0 through 9)

This pack also includes 2 printable collage sheets. Saved as jpg's. Wonderful for printing. On these collage sheets the element are one set full size and then some that are resized for more convenient printing (smaller).

I love adding dates to my journals. And I most times use a little stamp, but sometimes I also use clippings from newspapers and magazines. These elements in this pack are great for both your digital and your hands on journals.

Art Journal Messies 03 - This pack includes 6 Messies.

Each element is saved as it's own png file for ease of use in any graphics software.

These Edge Messies are awesome for blending into your backgrounds. I have chosen to use some bright colors, because those are the colores I like to use in my art journals. You can always 'mess' around with blending and transparency to get the effects you like. And if you use a software that has a 'Hue Map' feature, you can change the colors individually.

Each element is saved at 300dpi and are 2100 pixels long.

Floral Stamps - This pack contains 12 floral stamps. Not all show in the preview.

Each element is saved as it's own png file for ease of use in any graphics software.

I love to add these to backgrounds to add a little texture and interest to my pages. Use blending tools or even change the colors to match your pages.

Each element is saved at 300dpi and are around 2500 pixels or larger on it largest side.

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