Friday, August 3, 2012

Silhouettes and London Messy Stamps

Messy Stamps London 2012 - This pack includes 6 Messy Stamps.

Each element is saved as it's own png file for ease of use in any graphics software. Not all shown. Previews are at 90% size of original.

Included are (shown) Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Bus, Phone Booth, (not shown) London Eye, and Bobby. I couldn't help but think of all the possibilities this set has. Of course there is the obvious, Olympics London 2012, but maybe also think travel journal, dream journal, and even Dr. Who. The phone booth could easily pass as the TARDIS.

These Messy Stamps were inspired by the Olympics London 2012, but would be great for any type of page. They are awesome for blending into your backgrounds. Change the colors, transparency, blending method etc to achieve your desired look and feel.

Each element is saved at 300dpi and is at least 2000 pixels on their longest sides.

Pack 10 - This pack includes 10 printed silhouettes on paper with a touch of color.

You can use these in both your hands-on and digital journals. I chose silhouettes which are full of action. Something to help us express our true feelings and state of mind.

Each silhouette is 2800 pixels tall (width vary), saved as PNG's at 300dpi. Shown at 75% on the preview.

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