Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Junque Journal (part 3)

I have a few pages to share today. I have made more than these, but some are just simple one color pages or maybe just not share worthy ;) Not all of the ones I am sharing are equally nice either. I like sloppy painted pages. I think that is what helps making the Junque journal a Junque Journal.
Some of the pages here appear shiny, that is because I used metallic paints. They do show as shiny in real life, just not as bad as here. The flash on the camera kinda made everything extra shiny.

#13 This is one of my more "sloppy" pages. I couldnt decide what to do on this page to make it match the paper, cause I didnt want to make stripes. I wanted something different. So "sloppy" it got...

#14 This is one of my favorite pages. I love that deep/bright purple, and I think the silver decor in the corners really adds a nice touch.

#15 I like these colors together. Light and dark brown with a touch of pink. The dark brown and the pink were applied using the sequin waste.

#16 This one was really fun for me. I love the colors: Spring Green, Caribean, and Real Red. Such a fun mix.

#17 I personally think this is one of my better pages. I love the colors. Not colors I would normally put together and I got to play with my paint pens a little, without flooding the page.

I do have more pages ready to share but thought I would stop here for now. The rest will be added soon...

This Junque Journal was inspired by Tangie Baxter.
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