Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Junque Journal (part 4)

A few more pages from the Junque Journal.

#18 A very simple set of pages. The colors are not exactly perfect together, but I just didnt know where to go with it. So I left it simple.

#19 I love how vibrant this one is. Love the little circles... It was so much fun to paint. Not sure where I was going with it, but I like it. The yellow,orange, and red are great in a painting like this.

#20 This is another one that just happened. Like a fantasy world. Yellow background, green grass, and blue somethings.

#21 More of my favorite colors. I used the spring green with the caribbean on this one and added a little metallic periwinkle to the caribbean. It looks much better in real life than in the photo LOL.

#22 I knew when I started this one that there was no way I could paint a page to completely match the paper. So I decided to just stay with the colors and paint something entirely different. So the plaid was born LOL. Didnt turn out quite as I saw it in my head, but it was fun!

#23 This is my absolute favorite (so far). I love the colors. And I really enjoyed painting it. It reminds me of something from India. I think I need an elephant on this page.

This Junque Journal was inspired by Tangie Baxter.
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